Product, Ordering and Mailing Information

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IMPORTANT:  The T-shirt store and the Photos store are completely separate because they require separate packaging and postage.

All T-shirts are custom made to order. I don’t stock any shirts. I have to special order all colors, sizes and types of blank tees from the mainland… AFTER I receive your order, and when I have enough orders to place a minimum blank shirt order… so please be patient. Everyone who has ordered Uncertain-T shirts has said... they're worth the wait :)


Base price for all designs:  $21

Colors available:

White - no additional charge.

Light colors - add $2


Light Blue

Lime Green



Dark colors - add $3


Forest Green

Navy Blue




Short sleeve - no additional charge.

Short sleeve with a pocket - add $4

Long sleeve - add $5

Long sleeve with a pocket - add $7


XS - no additional charge.

S - no additional charge.

M - no additional charge.

L - no additional charge.

XL - add $1

2XL - add $2

3XL - add $3

4XL - add $4

5XL - add $5

6XL - add $6

7XL - add $7

Image placement:

Large on the front - no additional charge.

Large on the back - no additional charge.

Small on the left chest - no additional charge.

Large on the back and small on the left chest - add $6

Large on the front and on the back - add $7

If you’d like to have 2 different designs on your shirt, contact me.

Your name small on the left or right chest - $3

“Steve Scott is a Friend of Mine” below the image - $2

Mailing and handling/packaging for T-shirts:

USA:  $6 for the first shirt, then $3 for each additional shirt ordered on the same order.

International:  Please inquire via the Contact page for mailing costs outside of the USA, Canada, the

                         UK, Ireland and Europe.

You can pay with Paypal, check or money order, not with cash. Checks require a 10-day waiting period

 for bank acceptance.

All orders are custom made, one at at time, in the order that I receive them. I need to get enough orders before I can place a minimum order for blank tees, so please allow 2 to 4 weeks until your order is mailed.

If you’re interested in women’s, youth or toddler tees, or if any of this is confusing, let me know via

 the Contact page.



1 photo:  $10

2 photos:  $18 = $9 each

3 photos:  $24 = $8 each

4 photos:  $28 = $7 each

5 photos:  $30 = $6 each

10 photos:  $50 = $5 each!

All 17 photos:  $75 = $4.41 each!


To the USA - $4

To Canada - $10

To the UK, Ireland and Europe - $12

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